Thursday, September 8, 2011

Watch Our Party Videos!!

Hi there everyone!!

I was asked to create 90-second video responses to questions by students across Ontario on subjects of energy, employment, taxes, the economy, the medical system, education, and politics!

Check all videos out here:

The front page is my open letter to everyone.  You can use the navigation on the right to watch the videos of your choice.

Each video further contains the text, and additional information/resources about that particular topic.  Some topics include short videos or feature-length movies.  It’s a great self-contained curriculum to inspire local transformation and global shifts in consciousness.

Some people say, “I can’t vote.”  You don’t need to.  Sharing possibilities is the biggest vote of all.

Some people say, “You can’t win.”  I don’t need to.  Inspiring others is the biggest win of all.

Anything is possible, but what about the vision of using viral (the power of sharing through social media), to significantly change the political landscape?

We don’t need a political structure to shift mass consciousness.  We only need a willing spirit.

Share the videos here:

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