Monday, September 26, 2011

About the Leader Running in Trinity-Spadina

Born a blind, Pakistani, albino to immigrants parents on welfare; Danish Ahmed has beaten all the odds. He has been involved in countless model parliaments and special programs like Forum for Young Canadians, Presidential Classroom, the Future World Leaders Summit, and the Inauguration of then U.S. President, Bill Clinton. He’s founded a dot-com, wrote a best-selling book, is a keynote speaker, and is a respected icon in the personal development industry.

The Party for People with Special Needs was established in 2007 and ran in the provincial election. While not elected, the party still helped families with disabilities receive over $2.4 million from the government. Danish Ahmed has several family members with disabilities, and his family has already been noted in the press as causing certain laws to change for people with disabilities. He is a social media expert, and his “Love Movie” has been seen by over a million people.

Our Leadership Values

Overcoming Adversity
The ability to deal with whatever happens.

Working Outside the Box
Knowing that anything is possible.

Diversity of Experience
Being able to relate with all people on all levels.

Following through on projects, promises, and passions.

Understanding the purpose of our humanity.

Vision & Hope
Exercising the human spirit to manifest
a world that works for everyone.

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