Monday, September 12, 2011

The Ultimate Youth Source to Change the World

This may be for Ontario, but the entire world needs to see this.

Hi there everyone!!

It’s funny how things happen.  When Student Vote 2011 originally asked me to answer ten questions from the student body, I had no idea what a string of serendipitous events would come together, and have us produce this masterpiece!

It’s an incredible resource.  With music, video clips, movie excerpts, relevant quotes, and links to cool sites that most people have never heard about!

It’s a phenomenal curriculum of ideas, possibilities, and specific routes of action, that show each person how they can make their contribution in transforming our world.

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I am proud of this creation.  We don’t know what’s in us, until we take the time to listen, and allow the universe to channel through us, the co-creative process of fulfilling our destiny.

Here are some highlights of our site:

- Music from Black Eyed Peas, Paul Hoffman, and Garret LoPorto.

- Feature-length movies like “Oh Canada: Our Bought & Sold Out Land”, “Into the Fire” and “Money As Debt”

- Viral Videos like “The Story of Stuff”, “The Story of Cap & Trade” and the special “Pay It Forward” extended trailer

- Discover how to get a FREE Life Coach

- Download of the Scholarship Training Guide & the Youth Entrepreneurship Info-Guide

- Travel the world through Youth Exchange Programs

- Get access to Accelerated Learning technologies

- Find dozens of other links most people don’t know about

- More resources are added all the time!

Visit and share:

Let’s love the world together...

[)anish /|hmed, blind visionary

P.S. Like Barack Obama's success was largely due to the grass-roots social media movement, you too have the power to make a substantial difference, right at your fingertips! How about sharing this with your parents or other relatives? Share this with your past teachers. Forward it to your friends.