Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ontario By-Election Candidates

We are proud to be running in the following Ontario By-Election ridings:

Danish Ahmed, Leader of the Party

Considered two of the most impressive candidates.

Quoted: "When we help people with disabilities, we are actually helping everybody."

Ottawa South
John Redins

Ottawa Citizen

Dan King

“It can come suddenly. One day you have a successful life, another day tragedy strikes.”

Please share, so that others who want to, may have the democratic freedom to vote for us.

Read this special article from our Party Leader:
Why Do We Run When We Know We Won't Get Elected?

Monday, April 29, 2013

Our Interview on Family Caregivers Unite!

Judith Snow and Danish Ahmed had the opportunity to give a full one-hour interview on VoiceAmerica.

VoiceAmerica reports that, by January 31, 2012, Family Caregivers Unite reached an audience of over 375,000 listeners, and is growing.

Listen to our exciting vision for the Party for People with Special Needs at this link.

Danish Ahmed, born a blind Pakistani albino to immigrant parents on welfare, has beaten all the odds. Judith Snow, MA, who has a background of being labeled disabled, is Founding Director of Laser Eagles Art Guild, an organization making creative activity available through personal assistance to artists with diverse ability. They share their personal stories, and highlight their career successes. They explain the Political Party for People with Special Needs, their work with it, its political objectives, and the political advances it’s seeking. They describe the Party’s methods, messages and resources, its plans for the next election, its methods for getting publicity, and the particular population of voters it’s targeting. They explain the benefits to all of society of the advances the Party is seeking to achieve, and share their messages for the community of persons with special needs.