Monday, December 14, 2009

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NOW Magazine mentions Danish Ahmed, for Ward 3 Councillor

Ontario By-Elections

Considered two of the most impressive candidates.

Quoted: "When we help people with disabilities, we are actually helping everybody."

Ottawa Citizen

Ontario Labour Strife Hurting Special Needs Kids: Mom

Toronto Sun, Some TCHC board members refuse to quit

CTV, Tenants say they're against privatizing TCHC

NewsTalk 1010, Tenants On Community Housing Board Won't Resign

680 News, Group of tenants want community housing to remain public

John Dowson - Registered Disability Savings Plan
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$2 million press release coming soon...

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Dan King, Executive Director
505 - 341 Bloor Street West
Toronto, Ontario
Tel: (416) 595-1782
Fax: (416) 960-9460

Danish Ahmed, Leader of the Party, Toronto Trinity-Spadina
Tel: (647) 439-5011

Dan King, Whitby-Oshawa
Sujith Reddy, Eglinton-Lawrence
John Redins, Ottawa South
Julia Stellings, Kitchener-Waterloo

Policy Statement

Suspension of the 10-year Backfiling Limits for People with Disabilities:

On January 1st. 2010 the Tax Department will take away back-filing privileges for people with disabilities for the 1999 tax year.  Their tax credits will be lost forever!!

Government actions have resulted in an annual COUNTDOWN FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.  On December 15th families will have only 16 days left to file an application for the 1999 Disability Tax Credit or lose $1067!

After December 31st 2009 over 1 million Canadian families who care for a disabled relative will be denied their 1999 income tax refunds -- denied in an arbitrary "administrative" ruling.

The largest group of taxpayers in Canada with outstanding tax matters going back more than 10 years, is people with a disability.  Their legitimate tax refunds are their property.

PPSN demands a 5-year suspension of the 10-year tax deadline in order that our community can communicate with the vast majority of people with a disability to help them recover what is theirs.

If they wish, the federal government can reinstate the "administrative" regulation after we have eliminated all arbitrary confiscation of refunds, and ensure that all Canadians with a disability have recovered everything they are entitled to.


Party Issues

See detailed recommendations to Justice Committee, Bill 140

Ontario Housing - $904 Capital maintenance budget.

Registered Disability Savings Plan - no clawback.

Time Bomb - Where to street people come from?

Qualifying street people for ODSP - outreach Welfare to ODSP - Let's speed up the slow path.

ODSP - A provincial responsibility

ODSP delays - Ontario Ombudsman's report ODSP Operations - Shelter Allowance and unqualified tax advice re. rental revenue

Audiology - where is a national standard?

Regional displacement of people with disabilities to Toronto.

Problems with diet supplements and OCAP.

DTC 1986 - $1B lost to PWD in 2004

CRA and DTC trick letters, trick questions DTC requalification Audits on DTC Clients re. other matters - the need for assistance ODSP allowance - liveability calculations Accessibility in Ontario

A single qualification standard for Canadians - DTC, ODSP, CPP

A National Disabilities Card

CRA Mischief - tax advice from your government Disability and Divorce - families at the breaking point Disability and Bankruptcy - a booming business

A Message from the Leader of The Party for People with Special Needs

My name is Danish Ahmed. You may not realize it, but I'm actually Pakistani. I'm an albino, which makes my hair and skin white. The albinism also causes me to be legally blind. And although I have these disabilities, I lead a very functional, rich, and fulfilling life.

The Party for People with Special Needs was created because we have a population of people who have disabilities and who deserve to lead functional, rich, and fulfilling lives. Why is this important to you? We have a growing elderly population, and your parents will likely end up with a disability. Most importantly, without knowing it, you are likely to have a friend or co-worker who does have a physical or emotional impairment. My disabilities may be obvious to some people, but most people’s disabilities are not so obvious.

Good government can be about long-term solutions to problems we can see today, and to challenges that are foreseeable in our future. Our population of people with special needs needs a solution that is long-term. People with disabilities aren’t going away, and that’s good news. By accommodating people, by being conscious of special needs, and by embracing diversity, we stimulate our economy for people to create more, for people to connect with more people, and for people to be more. This is the opportunity government has to make a difference for all people.

Our government has been a leader in equal rights and access for all people. I want to inspire all people, to know that no matter what the adversities are of their life, that we live in a culture today that allows us to pursue our individual dreams and visions.

The Party for People with Special Needs
-- Where all people are part of our community.