Monday, December 14, 2009

Party Issues

See detailed recommendations to Justice Committee, Bill 140

Ontario Housing - $904 Capital maintenance budget.

Registered Disability Savings Plan - no clawback.

Time Bomb - Where to street people come from?

Qualifying street people for ODSP - outreach Welfare to ODSP - Let's speed up the slow path.

ODSP - A provincial responsibility

ODSP delays - Ontario Ombudsman's report ODSP Operations - Shelter Allowance and unqualified tax advice re. rental revenue

Audiology - where is a national standard?

Regional displacement of people with disabilities to Toronto.

Problems with diet supplements and OCAP.

DTC 1986 - $1B lost to PWD in 2004

CRA and DTC trick letters, trick questions DTC requalification Audits on DTC Clients re. other matters - the need for assistance ODSP allowance - liveability calculations Accessibility in Ontario

A single qualification standard for Canadians - DTC, ODSP, CPP

A National Disabilities Card

CRA Mischief - tax advice from your government Disability and Divorce - families at the breaking point Disability and Bankruptcy - a booming business