Monday, December 14, 2009

A Message from the Leader of The Party for People with Special Needs

My name is Danish Ahmed. You may not realize it, but I'm actually Pakistani. I'm an albino, which makes my hair and skin white. The albinism also causes me to be legally blind. And although I have these disabilities, I lead a very functional, rich, and fulfilling life.

The Party for People with Special Needs was created because we have a population of people who have disabilities and who deserve to lead functional, rich, and fulfilling lives. Why is this important to you? We have a growing elderly population, and your parents will likely end up with a disability. Most importantly, without knowing it, you are likely to have a friend or co-worker who does have a physical or emotional impairment. My disabilities may be obvious to some people, but most people’s disabilities are not so obvious.

Good government can be about long-term solutions to problems we can see today, and to challenges that are foreseeable in our future. Our population of people with special needs needs a solution that is long-term. People with disabilities aren’t going away, and that’s good news. By accommodating people, by being conscious of special needs, and by embracing diversity, we stimulate our economy for people to create more, for people to connect with more people, and for people to be more. This is the opportunity government has to make a difference for all people.

Our government has been a leader in equal rights and access for all people. I want to inspire all people, to know that no matter what the adversities are of their life, that we live in a culture today that allows us to pursue our individual dreams and visions.

The Party for People with Special Needs
-- Where all people are part of our community.

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