Monday, December 14, 2009

Policy Statement

Suspension of the 10-year Backfiling Limits for People with Disabilities:

On January 1st. 2010 the Tax Department will take away back-filing privileges for people with disabilities for the 1999 tax year.  Their tax credits will be lost forever!!

Government actions have resulted in an annual COUNTDOWN FOR PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES.  On December 15th families will have only 16 days left to file an application for the 1999 Disability Tax Credit or lose $1067!

After December 31st 2009 over 1 million Canadian families who care for a disabled relative will be denied their 1999 income tax refunds -- denied in an arbitrary "administrative" ruling.

The largest group of taxpayers in Canada with outstanding tax matters going back more than 10 years, is people with a disability.  Their legitimate tax refunds are their property.

PPSN demands a 5-year suspension of the 10-year tax deadline in order that our community can communicate with the vast majority of people with a disability to help them recover what is theirs.

If they wish, the federal government can reinstate the "administrative" regulation after we have eliminated all arbitrary confiscation of refunds, and ensure that all Canadians with a disability have recovered everything they are entitled to.


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