Monday, March 7, 2011

Public Sector & TCHC Supporters to Make Noise at Council Vote

Monday, March 7, 2011

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Coalition, Public Sector and TCHC Supporters To Make Noise at Council Vote: Create Toronto's "Wisconsin Moment"

The Coalition To Protect Toronto Community Housing will be present at City Council on Tuesday 9:30 am, to denounce a motion that calls for the resignation of the two tenant Directors of the Toronto Community Housing Corporation board. The Coalition invites Public Sector and TCHC workers, supporters, and tenants to save Toronto's public sector - and make noise at Tuesday's vote inside City Hall.

"Forcing the two tenant Directors to resign will create a 'domino effect'. This precedent will lead to the destruction of Toronto's public sector as we know it," says Danish Ahmed. Danish is disabled, blind with albinism, and is a former TCHC tenant leading the Party for People With Special Needs. "Wiping the TCHC Board clean will allow Ford to decimate its management, losing years of valuable experience. His proposal to privatize TCHC will lead to problems across the public sector."

With the recent musings by Ford to privatize TCHC, Ahmed calls on public workers to save the public sector by coming out to support the Coalition's fight. "Let's stop Ford now and ensure the public sector is saved."

The Coalition calls for rational decision-making at TCHC. Instead of wiping the board clean, TCHC should retain the tenant Directors and implement Baltimore's proven CitiStat program and create a high level of accountability in the public sector. In fact, the tenant Directors had called for CitiStat's implementation in 2010, and their proposal was eventually ignored by Mayor Ford. "The CitiStat program as proposed by the Directors would have stopped the TCHC misspending in it's tracks. It is ironic that the Mayor, who did nothing on that matter, even when given the opportunity, is calling for their resignation," Ahmed says. "Let's save community housing, keep Toronto's public sector thriving, and send a message that rational decisions can be made with systematic improvements in accountability."

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For media information, contact Danish Ahmed at 647-439-5011, or email

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