Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tax Deductions

Thank you for your support:

Your Donation costs less due to Ontario Political tax credits!

You can support our movement generously, and for the most part, expect a 75% refund. This comes in the form of an Ontario Political Tax Credit which is refunded in cash at tax time, April of next year. See the numbers below.

The government is generous in often refunding 3/4 of your donation to you because there is a pressing need to engage more Canadians in making political donations. Only 2% of Canadians donate to political parties.
There is a need to increase this to improve participation and increase the legitimacy and credibility of our democratic system.

The sample numbers below demonstrate how you can support the political voice we create for the community of people affected by disabilities, and how little it actually costs you:

100.00 75.00 25.00
414.00 300.00 114.00


Corporations making political contributions can deduct up to a maximum of $16,800 from the Ontario portion of their taxable income in any fiscal period.

Thank you for your listening, your compassion, and your generosity.You will be mailed an official Ontario Political Tax Receipt prior to tax time next year.

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